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    Thursday, July 20, 2006

    Techdirt insulted Vietnamese goverment in produce porn

    Unbelievable, I was shock when I saw that article but I still have enough calm in my mind to go and check out the source.
    It started out as a news from Reuters UK stated that “Mr. Khuat Thu Hong, Deputy Director of the Institute for Social Development, said the gorvenment plans to offer downloadable movies on an Internet site to educate married couples about healthy sex” ( I have not get my hand on what Vietnamese newspaper quoted this information yet, so it might be just a bull cr&*p from Reuters)
    Then when it goes to TechDirt.com, it becomes: “Vietnamese Government Creates Own Porn Site To Help Save Marriages?” written by some “trash” name Mike. He turned the Reuters’ article into, quoted :

    “However, it seems that may have resulted in a bit of a problem. Married couples aren’t having enough sex — often leading to divorce and/or increased prostitution. At least, that’s what the government claims. To fix this problem, the Vietnamese government has decided there’s only one thing it can do: produce its own government-approved porn — and hope that it puts married couples back into the mood. Of course, they don’t call it “porn.” No, it’s an “orthodox sex website” that will “help couples learn more about healthy sexual intercourse.” The government insists that the videos on the site will only be “educational” in nature, which doesn’t necessarily mean very much. It is, of course, quite likely that these videos will be incredibly tame, if they’re even remotely sexual at all. The videos may end up being typical sex ed videos — though it’s difficult to see how that will encourage the married couple who hasn’t had sex in a year (which the gov’t official cited as being a big problem) to get it on. You have to imagine that such a couple has other issues to work out than how to make sure their intercourse is “healthy.”

    I wonder if the guy has ever gone to Vietnam or even anywhere outside of his pathetic little trailer. He seemed to know a lot about porn and prostitutes so I must guess that it is what he does and watches all day long.
    The worst thing is TechDirt’s article made it to Google’s news which will be read by millions of reader. Again, I am a huge fan of Google but they should come up with a better way to filter correct and incorrect information. For TechDirt, letting that type of article in its Website present how far online company would go in order to capture the public traffic: By giving totally false information and even insult a country.

    For discussion, please go to My New Website. I am not updating Blogger anymore. Thanks!

    Comments on "Techdirt insulted Vietnamese goverment in produce porn"


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