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    Thursday, July 20, 2006

    Techdirt insulted Vietnamese goverment in produce porn

    Unbelievable, I was shock when I saw that article but I still have enough calm in my mind to go and check out the source.
    It started out as a news from Reuters UK stated that “Mr. Khuat Thu Hong, Deputy Director of the Institute for Social Development, said the gorvenment plans to offer downloadable movies on an Internet site to educate married couples about healthy sex” ( I have not get my hand on what Vietnamese newspaper quoted this information yet, so it might be just a bull cr&*p from Reuters)
    Then when it goes to TechDirt.com, it becomes: “Vietnamese Government Creates Own Porn Site To Help Save Marriages?” written by some “trash” name Mike. He turned the Reuters’ article into, quoted :

    “However, it seems that may have resulted in a bit of a problem. Married couples aren’t having enough sex — often leading to divorce and/or increased prostitution. At least, that’s what the government claims. To fix this problem, the Vietnamese government has decided there’s only one thing it can do: produce its own government-approved porn — and hope that it puts married couples back into the mood. Of course, they don’t call it “porn.” No, it’s an “orthodox sex website” that will “help couples learn more about healthy sexual intercourse.” The government insists that the videos on the site will only be “educational” in nature, which doesn’t necessarily mean very much. It is, of course, quite likely that these videos will be incredibly tame, if they’re even remotely sexual at all. The videos may end up being typical sex ed videos — though it’s difficult to see how that will encourage the married couple who hasn’t had sex in a year (which the gov’t official cited as being a big problem) to get it on. You have to imagine that such a couple has other issues to work out than how to make sure their intercourse is “healthy.”

    I wonder if the guy has ever gone to Vietnam or even anywhere outside of his pathetic little trailer. He seemed to know a lot about porn and prostitutes so I must guess that it is what he does and watches all day long.
    The worst thing is TechDirt’s article made it to Google’s news which will be read by millions of reader. Again, I am a huge fan of Google but they should come up with a better way to filter correct and incorrect information. For TechDirt, letting that type of article in its Website present how far online company would go in order to capture the public traffic: By giving totally false information and even insult a country.

    For discussion, please go to My New Website. I am not updating Blogger anymore. Thanks!

    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    Qin Dai show off her butt (pictures)- Chinese is weird

    Another way of how you can PR for your blog for free. And as the matter of fact, it was very successful since her blog traffic goes up like crazy in last few days. More information below Women, romance novels and revealing snapshots have always been a cause for public fascination and blogger Qin Dai has incorporated all of these elements on her blog, creating a buzz throughout the online community. Posting pictures of her naked buttocks and back alongside a copy of her romantic novel, Qin, who claims to be the Chinese Kafka, has brought about some strong reactions from online critics, who either love her, or hate her. Flaunting her works as pure and profound, Qin believes that she and Kafka "have so much in common. I just feel the urge to let flow my deep-rooted joy and freedom. Nothing can stop us from loving." She does not elaborate on how she is similar to the Czech writer who is famous for his political commentary and elusory style. "She can't say how she's like Kafka at all. He was a great writer and had nothing to do with nude ass," one post reads. "Qin just wants to make a name for herself by stripping." Some do seem to support Qin, however half-heartedly. "Why not just let her undress and give us the chance to scrutinize woman's rear?" one post reads. "After all, it's not something you see every day in public." "Annie Rose" comments that Qin should apologize; not only to her parents, but also to her buttocks. "We readers appreciate the great works of writers rather than their nudity. Naturally, eggs are what we want from a hen, not the hen itself," she writes. But Qin firmly stands her ground, defending her right to display her "charming" pictures. "The world itself is absurd. Why can't I show off my body? It's better to be existentialist."

    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    Caspio Bridge - A revolutionary for online database?

    Have you ever put yourself into this situation? Your company has a database as old as MS Access 2000 B.C. ;), you are the one that have to deal with it everyday and since you are so good at it --> They (everybody else) make you do it all: Create reports, run reports, gather information and the "most exciting job in the world" DATA ENTRY. I were cruising online yesterday and stop by a very neat website name Caspio. Basically, Caspio is a software that can be used to create online forms for gathering data from their site visitors and to generate different types of datapages. See picture below for better visual By using Caspio, (the application real name is Caspio Brigde), your data can be modified, removed or inserted by the user. Users are allowed to publish dynamic HTML reports and to create complicated multiple page solutions with which site visitors can search database within define framework. This program has other features like, search interfaces can be created, preventing unauthorised users to access records, etc... but the coolest thing is: You don't have to be an expert to make everything happen. Every steps are very straight forward and easy to use. You can implement Caspio application into your company database and bring everything online. It is not just more user friendly but also very convienient for everybody to access all the data. Caspio offers a 14 days period for trying out the application for free, which is very nice of them. However, there are a few things that I worry about: 1. All information from your database will stay in Caspio server, which means Caspio administrators have full access to your company's private information. I don't think this will be a big problem for small private companies but when it gets to a major corporations where information make the final decision for the company's survival. hmm I don't know. 2. 14 days period trial is very nice but if you are not serious about using it. Don't even try. When you get into it, know all the functionalities, and I am pretty sure, you gonna like it; then you can't afford to pay 30 dollars and up per month for using it. What's the point? Their service prices vary from 21 dollars to 199 dollars depend on how many datapages you are planing to use. Caspio is great for small business use or personal business. If you are working in one of the major corporation, you still can use Caspio for information that are open to the public. Caspio also offers quite a few read-made applications such as: Real Estate Listing, Dating, Job Posting and much more. If you have a business idea in your mind and don't want to pay ridiculous price for programmer to customize your website, Caspio is what you want to take a look at. Below is the link to Caspio. Enjoy and let me know what's you think! God bless!

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    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Enron - The final step - Big lesson for everybody

    The book is now largely closed on one of the most scandalous chapters in the history of American business, as former superstar executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling were found guilty of conspiracy and a host of other charges in the ruinous collapse of energy giant Enron. The years-long saga came to an end as a jury of eight women and four men on Enron's home turf in Houston determined after a bit more than five days of deliberations that Mr. Lay was guilty of all six charges against him, and that Mr. Skilling was guilty of 18 counts of fraud and conspiracy. He was acquitted on nine counts of insider trading and found guilty on one insider-trading count. Mr. Lay was also found guilty of four counts of bank fraud and making false statements in a separate trial decided without a jury. For the workers and investors who lost so much in the company's slide into the void, the outcome offered closure, even though most will never recover their losses. It was also vindication for those skeptical analysts, investors and journalists who raised questions about Enron's finances long before what was once the seventh largest company in the country crashed and burned. And finally, it was a sharp rebuke to the deluded corporate arrogance that allowed Enron's bad-acting executives to believe that they could fool whomever they chose, and fool them forever. As it turns out, the Enron brass may have been the smartest guys in the boardroom, but beyond those walls other considerable minds challenged them, and prevailed. Of course, Mr. Lay and Mr. Skilling are but the most widely recognized players in the sorry tale of an era's excesses. They are joined by figures like Bernard Ebbers, the former WorldCom chairman and chief executive, who like Mr. Lay offered a clinic on how not to behave when testifying in one's own defense, and then was sentenced to 25 years in prison for orchestrating the U.S.'s largest-ever accounting fraud. There is also L. Dennis Kozlowski, the former Tyco International chief executive who also took the stand in his own defense and who, along with former Tyco finance chief Mark H. Swartz, was then sentenced to at least seven years for looting the company. Beyond that, there's John Rigas of Adelphia Communications, who with his son, Timothy Rigas, was found guilty of looting the cable company of more than $100 million and lying to the public about Adelphia's health. Enron's collapse shook the business world to its foundations. The company's bankruptcy was the second largest in U.S. history -- behind only WorldCom's wipeout, as it happens. Billions of dollars in market value were lost in Enron's demise, as were thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in pension savings. One of the nation's largest accounting firms, Arthur Andersen, was ground to dust under the wheels of the case. Enron reawakened campaigns for corporate-governance reform, and for investors who lost their shirts during the bursting of the tech bubble, the company became synonymous with both the excesses of the 1990s boom and the turmoil of the start of this decade (in a macabre bit of symmetry, the executives will be sentenced on Sept. 11, five years after the terrorist attacks). With the guilty verdicts, it will remain so. But as with so many things, corporate misbehavior is cyclical, and like a stubborn weed, scandal is certain to emerge from the soil again.